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Why water?

For generations, the relationship between Aboriginal people and the rest of Canada has been damaged. Can water be the common ground that begins to reconcile this relationship?

We think so. Watch the videos. Teach the curriculum. Begin the dialogue.

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About the project.

Water – The Sacred Relationship, is the result of a three year research project by Native Counselling Services of Alberta that features a documentary film, educational curriculum and a public policy research article. Guided by a circle of Cree Elders and led by a team of Aboriginal and Western Scientists, The Sacred Relationship explores how reconciling the relationship between Aboriginal people and the rest of Canada can lead to healthier water.

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This peer-reviewed article describes the worldview and sacred relationship of the Cree people in Alberta, as well as how colonial policy has created despair (pomewin) in Aboriginal communities and a state of disconnectedness from the water. It concludes with the presentation of a framework for the development of policies that seek to repair the relationship between Aboriginal people and mainstream society. To read the entire publication click the link below.

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